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Business Acceleration

Fueling growth and development worldwide…..through Business development in various areas around the Globe

We serve as an accelerator of growth for businesses of all sizes. With a global network and expertise, we empower businesses to explore new markets, tap into international opportunities, and develop a global footprint. We provide the guidance and resources needed to navigate international expansion successfully.

We foster business development strategy with our established relationships in several areas across the Globe

We provide access to selected areas around the Globe 

  • UAE (free zone)
  • Turkey
  • Cyprus
  • Africa
  • US

We facilitate strategic partnerships with other corporates in the Global or local market

We provide access to Local & Global entrepreneurial opportunities to give you an innovative edge and  help you remain competitive

Global connections: Uniting businesses across borders for opportunities

Behind Allied Accelerators stands a team of accomplished executives, each boasting a wealth of experience from senior management positions, consultancy, transformational leadership, investment banking, and operational roles within major multinational corporations. This diversity of expertise enriches our consultancy offerings, enabling us to provide you with unparalleled support and insights for your business.

We aim to collaborate and work with our Clients on a journey that unlocks possibilities, fosters growth, and transforms businesses into the beacons of positive change we all aspire them to be.


Business expansion

We are fuelling growth and development worldwide…..through Business development in various areas around the Globe


Access to corporates

We are uniting businesses across borders for opportunities


Access to startups

Our global network of entrepreneurs and innovators is at the forefront of groundbreaking ideas and disruptive technologies, making them ideal partners for both investors seeking promising opportunities and corporates looking to innovate and grow


Greek startup ecosystem

We provide valuable connection, partnership opportunities with selected Greek startups that are driving innovation & growth. We aim to contribute in leveraging the momentum of the Greek startup ecosystem, creating mutually beneficial relationships


Access to funding

We help you reach investors that best fit to your needs. we provide access to angle investors, private equity firms, family offices, VC’s etc


Global connections

We act as a global connector. We facilitate connections across diverse sectors: businesses with businesses, businesses with startups, and investors with startups, all geared toward creating win-win relationships

Access to

We help you formulate your investment strategy and provide access to: angel investors, private equity firms, family offices, venture capital.

We help you reach investors that best fit to your company needs and your strategy. For every partnership you need to find the right people that can share your vision and help you get your business to the next level. We  participate & support the process end to end.



With an extensive network of partners in several areas around the Globe we help you enter new markets with confidence & expand your business the right way.

Contact us to learn how we can work with you to expand your Business.

Strategic Planning & Advise

Our planning & advise services expand in all major business areas and help you build a solid strategy for each major business area.

Company Valuation & Business Planning
Your business plan is the foundation of your business it is the road map of your business. A business plan should be credible, reliable, scalable and should be able to lead to accurate valuation of your company. We provide professional help in preparing your business plan so as to be able to structure, run and grow your business and at the same time work in parallel your company valuation as this is also key for your major commercial & strategic decisions. The right valuation requires expertise and experience to arrive at a value that is appropriate, supported by reasonable arguments and assumptions. Contact us to work with you in order to prepare a thorough and reliable valuation of your business
Freight & logistics
Get professional consulting on Freight & logistics to find the most efficient and cost effective way to to ship, storage and distribute goods. From planning the best routes for your business to handling administrative work, we can work together on all aspects of freight movement and logistics that can accelerate your business
Marketing & communications
Create they right strategy for your business to send the right message to the right customers through the right medium at the right time, to achieve the desired volume of sales. We provide professional help in formulating and deploying the right marketing & communication strategy for your business
Strategy formulation
Formulating a coherent strategy is essential for every organization at every stage since it enables the use of all of its resources in the best possible way in order meet organizational objectives and vision. We can help you challenge and reposition or just reaffirm your strategic position so as to decide on the best direction that you want to drive your business and the actionable steps needed to be taken to reach your goals