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AgriTech company, specializing in Crop Protection and particularly in the Early and Accurate Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Plant Stress.

Short desciption

Plant stress diagnose plant stress, on a leaf level, long before the onset of any symptom becomes visible to the naked eye, in trunk diseases, as early as 2-3 years ahead – saving time, effort and a net 34% of the contamination cost.
Growers can have the time to react, to cure infected plants, to prevent contamination of the healthy field, as well as to better manage irrigation and the use of pesticides & fertilizers so as to ensure sustainable agriculture.

Plant Stress (especially Biotic, i.e., Pathogens in the very early years of infection) is not visible by the naked eye.
Technology currently available in the market – vegetation indices (NDVI), water stress indices (CWSI), plain use of thermal images, smart agriculture sensors, etc. – is not able to provide early detection, but only to assert the problem which is already, or it will very soon become, evident. Their patented Technology acts as agronomists MRI and sees what noone else can see.

target market:

    • Growers – the“retail” B2B market segment: Currently available for vine growers

    • Integrations with AgriTech Companies – the “wholesale” B2B2B market segment: addressing UGV, robots, smart tractors, Greenhouses, Vertical farms to utilize the actionable data on-demand, so as to provide complementary services to their end-customers or to increase efficiency of their services

    • Insurance companies to better define insurance premiums and claims / remuneration

    • Agricultural companies – producers of inputs, to cooperate with their R&D department & explore synergies, to further improve and promote the effectiveness of their products

Products & services

platform offering the following services

    • Field Surveying: Thermal & visual images collection

    • AI Processing: for Early Detection of plant stress

    • Progressive Web App: Imediate data access after processing (within 24hrs)