personalized digital health services based on Βio-functional nutrition, exercise & metabolic medicine,

start-up | Greece

Short Description

Personalized digital health services based on Βio-functional nutrition, exercise & metabolic medicine, all integrated in a health digital ecosystem. Their unique & personalized health services aim to assess, predict & reverse the negative health effects of the individual metabolic & genetic profile.

Global-reaching technology company offering production efficiency solutions

SME | UK- Greece

Short Description

A Global-reaching technology company, offering -since 2010- production planning & processing solutions to factories worldwide. Global presence (100+ customers in 25 countries in the areas of textil, Dairies, Breweries, Food Industry, Packaging & Paper industry, Paints &Chemicals, Processing Industries.

NFT ticketing & loyalty solution

start up | Greece

Short Description

New form of digital tickets with utilities (ticketing, music, collectibles, memberships) that engages fans, rewards loyalty, and helps build brand and increase revenue.

New product category: Fresh Baby Food

start up | Germany

Short Description

New product category: Fresh, Organic Baby Food: Nutritional high standard homemade baby food (>6m) based on organic, locally sourced natural ingredients, focused on quality and nutritional value that have been developed by registered dietitians and pediatricians.

Upper Respiratory Cleansing Device

startup | Greece

Short Description

Globally Patented revolutionary upper respiratory system cleansing device designed to prevent and accelerate cure upper respiratory system conditions with the use of saline solution

A Crop Protection – Plant Stress Management AgriTech Company

Innovation | Greece

Short Description

AgriTech company, specializing in Crop Protection and particularly in the Early and Accurate Detection of Biotic and Abiotic Plant Stress.

Smart cities – Smart parking

Current Valuation €4.000.000 | Start-up | Greece

Short Description

The Only Smart City Platform that can Automate Street Parking Control & Enforcement. Helps Cities maximize their Revenues while minimizing their costson-demand subscription alternative to high tech devices.