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Our Mission is to accelerate businesses that embrace purpose-driven innovation, & help them expand their global reach so as to contribute to a better world

About Us
Allied Accelerators is a versatile and comprehensive business accelerator with a mission to catalyze business growth. We specialize in providing expert Business development, access to Innovation, and Investment services to businesses of all sizes and across diverse sectors. Our focus is on Businesses that add value to the business ecosystem and aim to make a positive impact on the world. Our mission is to enable businesses to grow, thrive, innovate, and expand globally, not only for their success but for the greater good. We are dedicated to fostering sustainable growth, fostering innovation, and creating opportunities (for companies that (prioritize environmental and social responsibility.) We achieve our mission through targeted business development, tailored funding solutions, strategic mentorship and a global network of partners. By supporting conscious businesses in their journey, we envision a future where positive impact and profitability go hand in hand. Join us in this mission to accelerate businesses that embrace purpose-driven innovation, expand their global reach so as to contribute to a better world.
Our Diverse Team
Behind Allied Accelerators stands a team of accomplished executives, each boasting a wealth of experience from senior management positions, consultancy, transformational leadership, investment banking, and operational roles within major multinational corporations. This diversity of expertise enriches our consultancy offerings, enabling us to provide you with unparalleled support and insights for your business.

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Our Mission

“To accelarate Businesses that Add Value to the World, to Grow, Thrive, Innovate, & Expand Globally.”

Our Vision

“To Become a Global leader in Business Acceleration, Investment & Innovation & a focal point in Greece”


We have different experts for different services

Maria Kaini

Managing Partner Athens

C-level Executive with more than 20 years of Experience in Telcos, Banking & Startups

Elena Pateropoulou

Managing Partner Nicosia

C-level Executive with more than 20 years of Experience in Fintec & Banking 

We aim to collaborate & work with our Clients on a journey that unlocks possibilities, fosters growth, and transforms businesses into the beacons of positive change we all aspire them to be

why allied accelerators

Our Mission is to help your business grow by remaining your trusted partner through out the process We serve as a Hub for your business needs and also act as a direct investor or through our partners We focus on companies with high potential to grow or that are already growing fast and add value with their footprint We work with Investors: family offices, venture capital, angel investors, private equity firms who also want to add value to the chain. Our focus is Global, across all industries Our Team comprises of Executives each with long standing experience in senior management positions, consultants, restructuring and transformational and operational leader.

About Us

We Are Trusted by More Than 250+ Clients

We provide tailored support, expert guidance and access to finance and support programmes to small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs).

We are a free and impartial service open to all businesses, from all sectors. We offer help to businesses throughout Greece & …

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